2 sessions, 6 days, 294 attendees, and all things Encompass Technologies. The 10th Anniversary of UGM (User Group Meeting) taught and presented updated information on all parts and sides of Encompass’ features for users.

Day 1 kicked off at the Elizabeth Hotel with an exciting welcome, and quickly moved into the bulk of UGM during days 2 and 3. Our speakers presented lots of different information, including industry trends, Encompass’ strategy,and distributor success using Encompass features like DSDLink, Fleet Tracker, Encompass Mobile, Dynamic Picking, Warehouse Automation, logistic efficiencies and covering your assets. Everything you need to know, all in 3 days.


Guest Speakers

Grant Barrett and Matt Dahlstrom representing In:Trench Consulting Group presented “Lots of data and reports, but starving for actionable ideas?” as the featured guest speakers throughout the two sessions. Barrett and Dahlstrom challenged the old school idea of making decisions from the gut even when tons of data is at the tips of your fingers.

The two biggest commodities any distributor works on to save is time and money. Saving time and money drives company efficiency, and turns overall profit inside, out. That’s where the data comes in. Time and money are precious, so why leave an unsettling gut to make the decisions when reliable data can accurately predict and determine a positive future?

The best thing about utilizing data is you don’t have to change everything, because obviously you’re already doing something right. But, instead of a full makeover, there is improvement, or in this case reallocation of personal bad habits to increase profit.


Industry Trends and Encompass Strategy

Industry trends…the topic of every big question regarding the future filled the room as every attendee shifted to the front of their seat. “We are a stable software platform, built on a strong foundation”, quoted Encompass CEO, Jonathan O’Neil.

The strength of the Encompass platform all lies within the single app where users can operate all features like warehouse automation, workflow automation, microservices, data warehousing, plenty of customization, and e-commerce. The beverage industry, and technology is always changing, but Encompass isn’t going anywhere.


The User

UGM is focused around one thing: the user (hint…User Group Meeting). All 294 showed up for a reason. Encompass creates software for the user, and values every area of input received. The company is here to grow and evolve with customers. The company also believes in the utilization of every feature in the way it is supposed to be used. UGM is here to reteach existing features and introduce new ones, with the goal of making jobs easier, and increasing operational efficiency.  

The 10th Anniversary of UGM went smoothly as ever this year, and the participation of all users, will help Encompass continue to evolve and grow.

With the help of sponsors and vendors including Otterbox, Cognex, WIN, Zebra, Honeywell, Dano’s Dangerous Tequila, Coppermuse Distillery, Zwei Brewing and Summit Hard Cider and Perry Co., UGM 2018 is an event to remember. Until next year…