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We Are Encompass

We are Encompass Technologies, nice to meet you.   From the beginning, Encompass has been different. Based on being founded as a college project, its progressive culture or non traditional perks, it's different. First off, our values are held high, and we stick...

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UGM, 10 Years in the Making

  2 sessions, 6 days, 294 attendees, and all things Encompass Technologies. The 10th Anniversary of UGM (User Group Meeting) taught and presented updated information on all parts and sides of Encompass’ features for users. Day 1 kicked off at the Elizabeth Hotel...

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A Look Inside the Cloud

To cloud, or not to cloud? Businesses of all sizes ponder this question in today’s ever-changing world of technology. You’ve most likely moved aspects of your personal life to the cloud, but what about your business?

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