Covering Your Assets Part 2 introduces additional parts of how salesmen can execute selling and tracking assets as efficiently as possible. 

  • Sign Shop

  • Samples



Execution is arguably the most important part of any functioning operation. One can have a rough plan, but no structure. Employees, but no objectives. Tasks, but no efficiency. Once a plan or specific structure is executed, and executed well, then an operation can be as successful as possible.

Time and Money

Hand in hand with execution, any task must be carried out in order to limit time and save money. But, as the saying goes, one has to spend money to make money. This is where proper execution is vital. Investing in something worth your while can be a saving grace to the same time and money. 


That’s where Encompass Sign Shop and Samples comes in.


Sign Shop and Samples

The benefits of using Sign Shop and Samples are the same as Asset Manager:

  • A centralized and standardized request process
  • Visibility with dashboards
  • Customizable flows
  • Reduced dependencies on 3rd party apps or external tracking
  • Integrated Reporting – pull together asset placement, sign shop and samples with sales data


Sign Shop

In Sign Shop, valuable functionality was added to the Encompass all-in-one app. Similar to sign requests using the Encompass app, approvals and supplier reporting now meet supplier requirements without additional manipulation. 

Sign Shop delivers automated processes where users can request signs, approve sign requests and report all within the app.

How it works:

  • Create the request on the app
  • Send the request for approval
  • View pending requests via customizable dashboards
  • Customizable statuses show the progress of the request
  • Receive alerts on request progress
  • Robust reporting engine can generate reports on costing, activity, and other key metrics


Encompass Samples has functionality similar to Sign Shop including the ability to order, request and approve samples, all within the app. Since there is no need to integrate with a third-party, reporting is simple and accurate. 

How it works:

  • Create a Samples Invoice
  • Answer request questions, such as customer and sample reason
  • Review request and approve
  • Approved requests are routed to the correct delivery route
  • Report on activity, costing and reconciliation


Sign Shop and Samples are here for one reason: to make your life easier. By using Encompass features like this, users can streamline their asset process, maximizing efficiency. Have control over ordering and placing assets with Sign Shop and Samples.


All in all, Encompass allows three types of easy installation processes:

  • Turn Key: Don’t worry about a thing, Encompass will take care of everything

  • Self Install with Consulting Hours: DIY, except feel free to call us when you have questions

  • Self Install: Fully DIY

Interested? Call Encompass at (970) 449-8000 to find out more information!


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